About Us

About Us

Recently established business in the Franklin district, Elite Solar Limited is locally owned and specialises primarily in grid-tie solar PV systems for residential and commercial applications. The directors have a combined experience of over 4000+ installs in previous Australian and New Zealand companies, so you can trust us to find the right solution for you. The systems will be designed by our Mechatronics Engineer (BE Hons) and you will deal with qualified electricians to make sure the job is done to a high standard.

We only stock top of the line products to make sure that the customer has piece of mind on their long term investment. The string inverters we install are either SMA or Delta and we offer Enphase micro inverters as well. Tier one solar panels are exclusively used in our installations, namely ET and Renesola modules. Only 2% of the world’s PV solar manufacturers are tier one rated.

SMA has over 30 years’ experience designing solar inverters and is regarded as the world’s leading inverter brand. They are designed and manufactured in Germany and come with web integrated monitoring software and a 5 year standard warranty.


Delta Energy Systems is distinguished by a comprehensive product portfolio and global presence and has over 80,000 employees. These inverters are once again German designed but manufactured in Taiwan to reduce costs. The Delta Solivia range can be installed indoors or outdoors and used in applications for both small and large scale installations. A 10 year standard warranty accompanies all Delta inverters.


We also supply and install Enphase micro inverters which are the world’s leading micro inverter systems provider. Micro inverters are mainly used when a rooftop experiences shading or low light conditions. Individual micro inverters are attached to each solar panel to constantly harness the maximum power that is available which results in greater yields and a better return on investment. Enphase systems come with web based monitoring and a 10 year warranty.


Tier 1 solar panels we stock: ET 250W polycrystalline modules (ET-M660250WW) and Renesola 250W Virtus 2 polycrystalline modules. Both modules have a 25 year linear power warranty.

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